Frequently Asked Questions

When is check-in?
Camp check-in begins at 5:00pm on Monday. There will be an orientation Monday evening to review general rules, provide necessary updates to weekly schedule, and make any other announcements. This is usually around 8pm. The exact time will be provided upon check-in.
What is included in the price?

The per person registration fee covers the cost of lodging accommodations for 5 days and 5 nights and unlimited use of most of the campground amenities and entrance into all of the day and evening services.

Will I need additional money?

While the registration fee covers all of your basic needs, there are a few things to consider in planning your trip. First, the cafeteria is closed on Monday, but the concession area will have items available for purchase on the first day. The concession stand will continue to be open during the week in between meal times and following the night service. Conference attendees have the choice whether or not to purchase items from the concession stand for the duration of the camp.

Depending on individual travel plans, travelers may need to budget for meals while traveling to the camp and when returning home.

Will I be in a cabin with my spouse?
Yes. Ignite Family Conference & Retreat now offers private rooms for married couples. All other adult participants will be assigned to a room according to gender.
Are bedsheets and linens provided?

In the dorms, each camper is responsible for bringing their own towels, twin bed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases and mattress covers. Linens are provided for campers staying in lodges.

Is there a dress code to participate?

Yes. To download a complete copy of the dresscode, CLICK HERE. Parents, chaperones and camp counselors are asked to monitor and help uphold the dress code throughout the Ignite experience.

Will there be opportunities to travel off-campus?
Ignite Family Conference & Retreat is designed to be an all-inclusive getaway that facilitates Apostolic fellowship in a controlled environment. Off-Campus trips would disrupt the flow of planned activities, require additional costs and open the door to safety liabilities. Adult travel to off-campus destinations is strongly discouraged. Off-campus trips are prohibited for participants less than 21 years of age.
Are area churches welcome to attend the evening services even though individuals may not be registered campers?
Are activities co-ed?
Activities are open to both male and female participants. Campers should make it a point to pack appropriate clothing to maintain a high degree of modesty. The exception is for swimming. Swimming will be divided into separate girls’ and boys’ swim times for added modesty protection. Please be sure to read the camp guidelines for proper swim attire as well as clothing guidelines in general.
Are laptops and personal electronic devices allowed?
Due to the abundance of activities planned, electronic devices will not be needed and are safer remaining at home.
What type of safety measures are in place?
A registered nurse will be onsite and a hospital is nearby. Certified lifeguards will be stationed during all swimming and lake activities.

Additionally, campers need to wear life jackets during all lake activities.

How do I register for Ignite?
Click on the Register Now button at the top of this page, and you will be redirected to the registration page. Also, you are invited to watch this short tutorial on how to electronically sign and submit the medical consent form for minors.

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